Married Men

August 22, 2015

Three years ago I went on a date with a newly divorced guy.  It was a set up between a mutual friend. I agreed to meet him because she said he was a good guy… that and because she said he wouldn’t leave her alone about it.  I said okay since meeting someone seemed harmless.

He told me he was going through a divorce because he cheated on his wife while he was away in Canada for a business trip.  He admitted he took it a step further and continued to see her for a year; an affair.  Honesty was rare to me at the time.  I was used to guys giving me the run around, leaving out the truth, or leaving me hanging…so here sat before me an “honest” man telling me his incriminating story on how he broke his vows.   He ended up marrying his mistress from Canada about a year after I met him.

At lunch today his name came up and I passed around my phone to show the girls the recent text message I received from him.  You think me passing my phone around to let my girlfriends read your disgusting text is bad?  Be thankful I didn’t reach out to your poor wife or post a screenshot of your text message onto Facebook.  They all said their piece about how he’s a piece of shit, an asshole, disgusting, a coward.. etc.  I never responded to him, but this wasn’t the first time a married man has contacted me without his wife knowing.

As I listened to my girlfriends bitch about him, I played with their babies.  Looking at what my girlfriends had was a reminder of how hard they worked to have a family.  I felt disgusted at the thought of another women possibly ruining everything they worked for because of 1 text message.  I don’t respond because I don’t want to be the “other woman”.  I’m too young to already be the “other woman” in someone’s marriage, and truthfully I deserve more than being someone’s mistress.

But do other single women get hit on by married men?  I was approached by another married man in March while I was on vacation in Miami, Florida.  I told him I was seeing someone, but he said it was okay and asked me meet him in New York where he lives.  He never mentioned his wife.  I ignored his comment about New York and when he got too close to my face I told him I didn’t feel comfortable.  He tried to kiss me anyway, but I luckily dodged it. Feeling awkward I disappeared to the bathroom only to return to my girlfriend saying she saw him take his wedding ring off while I was in the restroom….. scum.  Theres a special place in hell for assholes like you.

When I got back from Florida I had dinner with my father.  I told him about the incident and he said that there will always always always be men like that in the world, but that I didn’t have to be apart of their world.

Before these stupid ass married men hit send, I wish there was some huge red flashing sign in the sky that reads, “Don’t fucking do it, dumbass.”