Friend Zone

I met a friend for a drink, but something did not feel right.  Have you ever walked into a venue and realized you were on a date- but the kind where you didn’t want it to be a date?

I left my car with valet and walked into a dimly lit lounge.  At first I thought I was lost.  I was sure we were supposed to meet at a dive-bar … and this not date-night bar.  All the girls were dressed up except for me. I looked down at my outfit of a plain black T-shirt with these badly ripped up jeans I always wear to school. I glanced at my shoes and thought, “…At least I’m not wearing my Nikes.”   I took one look inside and said, “Okay-yeah fuck this shit. I’m flaking. I don’t fucking care.”  I started brainstorming of excuses;
-I’m tired.
-I forgot.
-Oh that was today?
-My hair doesn’t look good today
-I feel fat.
-I just woke up.

I didn’t brainstorm fast enough because he spotted me.  Fuck….eye contact.
I plastered on the most fake-ass smile and waved hello.  I just awkwardly gave a fucking giant wave hello from across this dark-ass lounge because I’m totally not uncomfortable or anything.  I approached him slowly because I was ready to kill ‘somebody’… and I didn’t want to attract any more attention to myself since I was already dressed like a homeless person.

We hugged hello and I said to myself; I thought I friend-zoned you.

There is a difference between “boyfriend” and “boy friend”.  That little space between the word determines absolutely everything. That little space is the called the “friend zone”.

So here I sat… in this dim-lit lounge… trying to make the most of it now since I can no longer plan my escape.  The conversations felt like it belonged in one of those dates you see in Korean dramas where both individuals are superficial as hell. It’s like the kind of conversation you hear between two people that sound like they’re on a job interview. Name dropping schools and previous companies of employment.  I listened to him try to think up questions for me … maybe hes the kind that’s uncomfortable with long pauses… but seriously all this information were discussing can be found on my resume.  I was getting bored with my “boy friend-ish” date.

I came home and was greeted by my roommate’s dog, Ellie.  She was happy to see me and quickly ran over to me with her doll.  I picked up Ellie and held her in my arms while we stood in my room.  Being at home with her and away from the “boy friend”  was the best part about that night.