Everyday I have two windows open on my computer; my calendar and email.  I can rarely go a day without looking at my calendar.  I’m reviewing my calendar on my phone when I’m waiting in line or in traffic… its like I have some intimate relationship with my phone now.

There were these things that I needed to accomplish, but these things that I needed to get done never ended and chasing after these tasks soon became my life.  I set these goals believing it would bring me joy to be able to obtain it and it has at times, but not the way I thought it would.

My pastor once said not to have your hope in other things and I don’t think I ever fully understood that until now because I’m living it.  He talked about this famous tennis player always being number 2 in the world and how his life goal was to some day be number 1. He trained like his life depended on it – all for the hope to someday be number 1.  When the day came that he was the best in the world he said it wasn’t until he was at the airport traveling back from the tournament that he saw a clip of him winning that made him wonder  why it didn’t make him as happy as he thought it would…  I didn’t really understand this when I first heard this story, but I do now.  Something about looking forward does bring you a sense of hope in a way. Maybe its this idea that achieving these goals will fill a void or fix something that isn’t quiet right currently.

After I saw the interview with J. Cole I feel like he said it best…. “You’re so focused on the next step[… ] you forget the fact that you have these things that seem small, if you’re looking that way, but if you look this way – that’s all that mattered.”


I spent Thanksgiving at my Aunts house.  The weather was warm so we ate on the patio and played in the yard after we had turkey.

My cousin and his girlfriend from San Diego, California joined us this year.


Bruno cutie pie. Hes probably hoping I dropped some turkey on the floor.


Thanksgiving spread

We didn’t have pies last year.  My aunt said she brought 3 pies last year but we forgot about it in the oven.  Three pies again this year.



I went home to Kennesaw, Georgia to see my parents before Thanksgiving dinner. I went hiking at Kennesaw Mountain hoping to see different colored leaves but I think I missed it completely.



The view from the entrance of Kennesaw Mountain.  I’ve been getting a lot of comments about this cannon being shot in the photo. I didn’t even notice it, but everyones been saying how southern it makes the photo look.  When you don’t even notice anything weird about a civil war cannon being in your picture… then you are southern.



Finally had one Sunday where I could go to church. Being on break was great. I really missed this place.  They started this project last year for all the new people that have dedicated their life to knowing Jesus to insert a light bulb into the wall.  It almost looks completely filled now.



Korean BBQ night with friends.


Waiting for the shots to be served. I had to do the hats. Its basically Christmas. Fa la la la laa la laa la laaa!


Friendsgiving dinner Hotpot style. This was so good.



Selfie before Kay’s birthday party. Tried on 5 different outfits and made it into a story on my snapchat. This one was not my outfit of the night but I received the most feedback on this dress. I complain that my closet is too small but I complain more that I have nothing to wear…the daily struggles of a girl.



Thigh highs or nah?


What I ended up wearing… all nude!



Going on a job on the Atlanta Belt Line before my lunch with Evey.  It started raining really hard after I shot this photo.  I was 2 miles away from my car and arrived to lunch dripping wet. No regrets.



Standing above the Jackson State Bridge. Coming home from Octane coffee after doing some work and heard the traffic was insane so I detoured here to take some shots.



My roommate, Will, recently adopted our friend’s dog Ellie.  I call her Ellie-bellie. I think she likes it:)


From my snapchat.


I am ready for winter break! Only 1 more week left of school and then its Chicago, DC, and Cancun!  And then its only 1.5 more years left of pharmacy school. I can’t believe it. I thought 4 years would never get smaller… so close to counting down the months. I can’t wait.