3:53 AM

This song in my head.

Friend: He was such a tool. You’re not like still hung up over that are you?
Me: I mean …
Friend: I thought oh please he better at least be like… hilarious or something for you.  What did you see in him anyway?

I don’t know why girls think talking shit about some guy that dumped me will help me to get over him faster. Things are over, but that isnt an invitation for you to tell me his new girl is ugly, or that he’s an ass, or a tool…Talking shit about him just makes me feel more shitty that I picked another winner.  This is intended to help, but when I hear his name I cringe so hard it makes me sick to my stomach. Talking about how I fell for something that wasn’t real again doesn’t make me feel good about myself.

Friend: Well so I have this friend in XXXXX. He asked if I had any cute single girlfriends and we showed him a group picture and he really likes you, but he lives in XXXXX

I completely spaced out.  If this wasn’t my friend I would have told her to go fuck herself.  Like I give a shit your thirsty friend wants to meet because he’s feelin some type of way.  Instead, I zoned out and pretended I couldn’t hear what she was saying because the restaurant was loud anyway.  I leaned back into my seat and realized I was sitting with 3 other couples and thought, “Ohhhh wow. Fuck me. Where’s the drink menu?”  No clue how that happened.  I’m getting to a point now where I’d rather be punched in the face as hard as possible than to watch couples make out all night.  I looked at my caring friend and just smiled to be polite and said.. thanksss, that’s sweeeeeet… in an awkward attempt to dismiss the conversation.

The best piece of advice I heard from a friend was years ago about breaking up; after a break up the best thing a friend can do for you is to not mention him.