Through Thick and Thin

My friends got married over Halloween weekend. Weddings mean different things to everyone.  This was small. It was intimate.  I watched them from the beginning.  From before they met, to love at first sight, to their wedding day.  I’ve seen them help each other, hurt each other, drive each other crazy and keep each other sane.  Same city lovers to long distance lovers. It means something to affect someone, even when they are absent.


My friends got married over Halloween weekend years after they met.  Through undergrad and graduate school, and moving apart for careers they still stayed together.  Majority of my relationships have failed because I couldnt go through the storm with my boyfriend.  They tried to talk me into staying and reminded me that we had each other, but I couldnt see the end as clearly as they could, so I left. For a long time I wondered if it was our timing or if it was me.  Its moving to see my friends make it through these obstacles because I couldnt do it.  My friends got married over Halloween weekend …and it showed me more than what an expensive party in a white dress looked like.
I stayed by the bar or chasing down servers with cocktails most of my night.  I was only asked twice if I had a boyfriend or if I was seeing someone.  The last wedding I went to I was asked 4 times in the first hour. Hearing people respond is more uncomfortable when I have to say no.  They give responses that are only appropriate to say after you hear about a natural disaster, ” ‘What happened? I’m sure everything will be ok.” And I’m standing there like, “I hate all men.”
Later in the evening I was approached by my ex boyfriend for a dance….. to a slow song. Broke up 4 years ago but some how slow dancing still doesnt seem appropriate, ever.  Actually even hugging, just anything that involves being touched while wearing a tight dress does not sound okay.  I said no and stayed at the bar the rest of the night before the final send off.
Pictures from the wedding. My phone is so crappy. More reasons to buy an iPhone!


How I spent the rest of my weekend… Locked up inside a 10-story library lost in a sea of books that are never touched.   Who even checks out books anymore? I feel like these books are here for decoration.  Someone please transport me to a beach or a chipotle.


Dinner with my parents to start the winter weather. I love hotpot.  I missed my family so much.


The best thing I ate all week was this sushi bowl. Dreaming about it this bowl tonight.