Twenty One Pilots

Listening to Wildfire

Twenty One Pilots concert last night at the Tabernacle.  It was girls night out with live music…so much fun.  Hearing a song live surrounded by energy is a different experience.  Music was meant to be heard live.

We stayed in my bedroom to drink and smoke.   Its different when girls get ready together.  We need to have our own segment on the discovery channel for our skills of transformation.   In between shot time we were putting make-up on each other, eating girl scout cookies, and discussing our feelings about hairspray and eye cream.  Right before heading out its time for a seflie and this was our collection;

The first selfie is always a normal selfie.


“Lets like do funny faces.”


Twerking for my girls.


And then that blurry memory of walking through the streets looking for a cab.
We stumbled back to my apartment and drank more.  It sucked knowing I had to wake up in 4 hours to meet my professors.  I stepped into the office this morning hoping to God I didn’t smell like liquor.



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