Talk 30 to Me

I went to Las Vegas for Eveyln’s 30th birthday party.  The 30th birthday has the cutest hashtags:

  • Flirty 30
  • Dirty 30
  • Talk 30 to me
  • 30s the new 20s (I don’t like this one)

Here she is rolling around on our bed showing us the party favor bags she made for us.


We stayed in the Venetian!  It looks like Italy, but getting to your room is a pain.  I hate the set up of this hotel…. It feels like a maze.  How many elevators do I have to take to get to our room? At least 3! Thats a lot to remember when I’ve been drinking.  We have to take more bridges and elevators to get to the master suite which they keep in an entirely separate building. However, the ceilings are soooo soooo beautifuullll.


On our way to Omnia.  Our only Friday night group picture. I wish we had more!


My cutie pie Kyung.  We sat at the slot machines to wait for the other girls to return. It didn’t occur to me until now that I didn’t gamble on this trip.


Saturdays are for day clubs.  We went to Wet Republic at MGM to see Tiesto! Before it got crazy crowded.


Stephy, Evey, and were invited to the bungalow.  We watched the crowd grow and listened to the dj spin while we drank our cocktails/shots here.


I did not make it out Friday night.  The day club drained me.  There was a table for us at Hakkasan to see Kaskade, but I never made it.  My girlfriends made me so proud and got ready for the night.  I was so sick and spent the night puking. Too much tequlia at Wet Republic if theres such a thing.



This would have been my outfit of the night if I was able to gather myself.  A selfie to David before the trip as I was packing.  Excuse the stuffed animals on the floor… gifts from David. They follow me everywhere in the room.



The girls made it out to see Kaskade!  I was bummed I missed it, but they returned with pizza around 2:30 AM.  It was the best surprise.


Part of Evey’s birthday gift.  Stephy made this beautiful scrapbook.  It was so thoughtful and had collages of all of us over the last 10 years.  Pictures from our 20s…its crazy to think Emory undergrad was that long ago.  Where did the time go? Happy 30th birthday doll! Love you!