I went to Europe for Thanksgiving.  Michelle and I landed in Dublin, Ireland and visited the south and north driving through the country. I thank God she drove because I would have killed us both. Driving on the opposite side of the road is another level of mind games.


Walking around Dublin.  The weather was cold and gloomy. Perfect for Thanksgiving. 

If I had to pick a door, it would be the red one. What’s behind the red door?


We took a tour of this castle. I imagined castles to be more isolated.  This is where the King would come to turn up… just kidding.


Inside the castle. I love this shade of blue.


Standing in a fancy hallway. I felt like I should have worn a prom dress for this photo. I played pretend instead.


Mish standing in the front. I made her stand there thinking my lens would capture everything, but she almost blends in instead.


There is a church every 10 steps in this country. Heres one of them.


We visited the Guinness brewery where we learned how to pour beer and tested different flavors.


An official document basically stating the mission of getting drunk.


Creating air in the water. Fountains on fountains on fountains …


Our beer pouring glass. We thought this was just for fun but they take this so seriously I got nervous when it was my turn. Michelle in the practice rounds.


Into the taste testing room!


We had to take a dance break and do some moves in front of this screen. I think thats me.


At the top of the brewery is a bar with this beautiful view.  We arrived just in time to see the sunset change the lights in the city. Beautiful.


We drove to see the Cliffs of Moher the next day.  A scene from Harry Potter was shot here. It was beautiful.

dsc09271The rare few we have together. Everyone has trouble using my camera, everyone.


More from the cliff

We stopped by this beach.  I forgot the name of this beach.  The entrance was through a small village and it took a long time to find it. This was the road we drove on to find the opening.



We went to Northern Ireland to see Giant’s Causeway.  If you’re short on time and have to pick between Cliffs of Moher in Southern Ireland or Giant’s Causeway in the North, go see Giant’s Causeway.

After Giant’s Causeway we did a mini tour to see where Game of Thrones was filmed.  Here’s the Dark Hedges. It actually doesnt seem dark and scary because it was sun shiny and bright out.


Our last stop was this town where Game of Thrones was filmed.  We got there when it was getting dark but there wasnt much to see.  We passed by some sheep and in the distance we could see a town.  There was a cross standing on a hill by itself.
A picture of Michelle walking around to see if there are towns people nearby.