Sunday funday with my bestie from Atlanta.  We went to the Do-Over at Lure but left early.   We grabbed an Unami burger next door and went shopping for this dress I’ve been eyeing for months at Free People.  No luck in finding the dress but I had more fun eating a burger and shopping than I did drinking at the club.  Small signs of me developing interests in other things now…learning something new about myself every weekend I’m here and its alarming.

We rushed to this nail shop to join the trend of crazy nail art, but the place was closed.  Looking around we noticed this coffee shop from the street, Iota.


The Do Over at Lure. I love this day club and the weather couldnt have been better.

The overheads for the tables.



The sun slowly going down



DJ spinning





Apparently DJ Frodo was here but I don’t remember seeing him.

Me and the girls at the table enjoying our girls-day-out.




Lollipops at the club.










Living this close to an In-And-Out is killing me.  My work outs have been longer trying to jog off the burger and fries…but its been worth it.


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