Korean Friendship Bell

Listening to Banks


Escaping for a moment to a place that takes me back to Asia.
I saw the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro with a homeboy.  We came, we saw, and we totally tried to ring the bell, but even the bell had two chains.  We tried anyway – sometimes you have to push through your fears to be able to ring the bell. When the chains held us back we slapped the bell instead.  The bell must ring by any means necessary.







Close up on the colors




Standing with the homeboy


I turned around and saw this behind me. Layers of endless blue.


Mexican food for lunch. California and your mexican food. damn you.


Cabrillo Marine Aquarium about 4 minutes away from the bell.  Its a free aquarium that takes donations. We exited through the gift shop and I ended up with a new mood ring in the shape of a crab.


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