Hello Kitty Exhibition

Mish and I went to the Hello Kitty Exhibition in Little Tokyo. We bought tickets in advance when I was in Georgia.  I was counting down the days until we get to meet Hello Kitty.

Located at the Japanese American National Museum



In celebration of the event we did Hello Kitty tattoos.  I tried to make a sleeve but I held back.



More tattoos. I was really excited..






Approaching the entrance





Photos with the mural





Majority of the items were collections of Hello Kitty pieces but displayed to show the evolution of her development.  There were several display cases showing off the various styles of the same item.

Mish taking pictures of me snapchatting Paul ❤




In celebration of being born in 1986




Measuring Mish’s height. She is officially 14 apples tall.  Hello Kitty is only 5 apples tall.  I don’t know who created this unit of measurement but we should all convert to using apples instead of inches… just sayin’



The coolest piece of Hello Kitty in the art gallery.



Complete chaos kept bottled up inside. It was interesting to see Hello Kitty develop from her first year to now and all the things they can make with a Hello Kitty on it.  This museum showed me how one idea can develop into a huge success.  She started off so small like a seed and grew into this massive internationally recognized icon.  Marketing success at its best.

Ending the museum with this very interesting job description of a “Happiness Ambassador” that Hello Kitty fulfills



After the exhibition we had to exit the Japanese American National Museum which meant we had to go through a display of photography and video clips of the internment camps the Japanese Americans were forced to go through during World War II.  This was super depressing. I felt even more awkward because I was walking around the museum with my Hello Kitty headband on but I just couldn’t take it off. I loved it too much.

Exiting through the gift shop.



Tempted to purchase the Hello Kitty Nail Art book.  It shows you how to do nail art at home.  Maybe when I have more patience






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