Griffith Observatory

Listening to


Walking to the Griffith Observatory. I saw the HOLLYWOOD sign but it looks super tiny in this photo.


Standing in the front. The grass was so green this day.

Once we stepped inside there was a giant pendulum hanging from the ceiling.  Its attached via magnets and swings on its own.  Its ability to swing and knock down these little sticks every 21 minutes apparently proves to the world the Earth sits on an axis.



It also serves as a clock. I have no idea how to tell time on this.


 It hung from the ceiling. Looking up.


This was my favorite. Showcase of electricity in a cage.

Trying to touch the rings of Saturn.


My weight on Jupiter.  They had a special scale for each planet. On Pluto I weighed 3 lbs.


The world’s cutest hallway exhibit.  All a collection of little stars that leads to the bottom floor. Reminded me of what I see in thrift shops


Looking out to city. It was so pretty this day.


My shirt catching wind.



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