Fernbank Museum

Fernbank Museum of Natural History was having an event once a month for adults.  My friends and I went and participated in the “experiments for adults”.  There were a few experiments set up around the museum.  We grabbed some drinks and chilled outside to play with the fog machine.  The fog machine releases a circular shaped fog after it’s been built up.  It reminded me of indians making little smoke signals.

Heres one in slow motion of Wayne releasing one onto David.  Releasing the genie in a bottle.

Rebecca tried out the virtual reality game where you brush someones teeth.  It sounds silly but everyone looks like they’re scrubbing or jacking off. Pretty funny.  My cutie pie right before she started.

My cutie pie brushing teeth. She searches for teeth first and starts to scrub away as hard as possible once teeth have been detected.  You’re performance is measured in gold stars. How adorable and appropriate. Golden stars for you!  After a while it looks like a work out to keep up the brushing.


Brushing teeth or jacking off?

We roamed around and sat for a few minutes. I wore the wrong shoes… my feet were killing me and the vibe.  After a few drinks with David.

Blowing bubbles with this giant ring.  I wanted to encase my body in a bubble, float away, and dream about tomorrow…I had a lot of fun with this one.  The last pic was of me forming a bubble and trying to hold it.  Stealing beauty is the name of the game.

Blowing bubbles into the world.

Making a bubble tube!

The Cheshire Cat.  I never understood how to do this correctly.  Down the center of my face is a two sided mirror.  If I move adjust it to the left or right it will slowly make the person in front of me disappear.  Placing my hands on the side helps to test my visibility.

Disappearing act + my view


David’s turn to make me disappear.

The bridge challenge!  Noodles and marshmallows are our only resources.
Bridge making didn’t really happen but we made a rectangle. A strong rectangle.

It was fun Fernbank!