Durhamtown Plantation

DSC01764 (2)

I put together a group to go ATVing at Durhamtown Plantation.  It rained earlier in the week which made parts of the path muddy and wet.  The mud splashed onto us and by the end of our 2 hour drive through various trails… there was mud everywhere.

I started on a beginners course with the group and drove through it twice.  After feeling more confident on the bike, we challenged ourselves to more difficult trails.  I struggled to keep up because I drove very slowly.

I drive my ATV like a grandma, while everyone else drove as fast as possible.  My group teased me about how slow I went and how often they had to stop to make sure I was okay.  I still had fun.  Its weird how my cautiousness trickled into this department of my life.

DSC01741 (1)

Crossing the street

DSC01682 (1)

DSC01770 (2)

My friend and I started on a difficult course where most of the hills start steep. If you go fast enough over the hill, the ATV lifts off the ground catching some air right before landing.  Feeling lifted was scary to me.  I couldn’t embrace it and just enjoy being lifted.  We approached a steep hill together, but because are both so polite and considerate towards each other we kept insisting the other person go first.

While we were trying to be classy and well mannered, several dirt bikes and ATVs zipped by us almost running into our ATV… which were at a complete stop as we discussed who should drive ahead. Eventually a staff member drove over to us and asked us to leave the trail if we were going to continue going at our slow speed.

DSC01753 (2)


DSC01716 (1)

Fixing the bike that kept dying on us in the middle of the trail.

DSC01719 (1)


On the car ride to Durhamtown Plantation we chanted in the car, “Ride or die together.”


After our ATV activity, we drove to downtown Athens to drink and play like UGA kiddies.  In spirit of the night we decided to order the drinks we took as college kids too.  This meant fruity drinks and shots with weird names.  I rarely drink anything fruity anymore.

After college, my style of drinking matured from fruity and light to straight liquor chilled.  I forgot how sweet the fruity drinks were, and it made us all feel sick by the end of the night.  The last shot I took was called Red Velvet Cake.  I thought it would taste like cake, but it tasted like cough syrup. Disgusting.  Half way into taking the shot it was hitting me that this did not taste like cake, but instead of swallowing I snorted part of it and sneezed like 10 times to get it out of me.  All I thought to myself was, “What the hell? Thats cake flavor?”

We were ambitious in the beginning of the night with anticipation of all of us being shit faced, staying out late, binge eating, and not being able to drive back to Atlanta.  We called it a night before midnight.  I forgot how energetic I was in college.

If life allowed me to play a theme song this would have been ours before we started bar hopping.

Say Lou Lou- Julian


I’ll meet you in the city
I’ll pick you up at night
I’ll drive you trough the suburbs
I’ll get you there in time
I’ll meet you in the city
I’ll stay clear of the light
I’ll get us through the check points
Yeah I know we’ll be alright


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