Bates Motel


An abandoned motel in Silver Lake turned into an all white art installation by a French artist, Vincent Lamouroux. Bates Motel (also known as Sunset Pacific Motel) is on the corner of Bates and Sunset.  Every inch and corner of the old hotel was painted white, including the tall palm trees. DSC05280


No palm tree was missed.


I read an article interviewing the artist and the white color is to allow the viewer to use their own imagination and ideas to project it on this huge art installation.  Using huge installations will reflect transformation involving all senses.

My walk approaching the Bates Hotel




From across the street
Its interesting to see old buildings around it and then a massive white art installation.





The hotel sign painted all white. Trying to use my imagination on what it should/would look like. I feel like what I’m projecting on this all white installation is more of a reflection of me and where I am in life.




“To the windows to the walls” -Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz

A peek inside.



This hotel has been here for several years and have been sold many times.  This picture looks creepy and a little eerie…. but at one point an owner loved this place and a resident here called it a home.

It’s abandoned and alone now, but someone loved it intently for one night. The only imagination or idea I was able to project onto this “white canvas” was a one night stand. What does that say about me? That the only thought I could project onto the installation was the act of loving intently for one night- and then abruptly letting go.


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