Caffe Concerto & Umami Burger

Listening to xx

Cafe Concerto in KoreaTown Los Angeles.

These desserts were so pretty.  I couldn’t believe this is something you eat….so pretty.  Fragile and delicate desserts… I devoured you in minutes.  You had no chance.

Umami Burger.
Second time trying to give this place a chance. It was just okayyyyy my first time around, but much better this time.


Runny egg


Rushed home after work.  I got off around 10:30 PM and was ready in 30 minutes. Proud of myself for not taking an hour to do my hair this time.  I stood in the kitchen drinking a beer and vodka while waiting for my friend to pick me up.

Roommate: You should add pineapples to the vodka
Me: No, I’m drinking it straight. Work was too crazy today.  And pineapple juice is for babies……..and sluts.


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