West Palm Beach, Florida

Beaches in March was a good escape from the rain in Atlanta. My roommate Cristina and I took the trip out here to meet a flight reward requirement and for our last trip together as roommates.

West Palm Beach was a different experience.  The beach was clean and beautiful.  It wasn’t crowded and it didn’t give you a spring break/ girls gone wild feel.  But it was mostly retired folks or very very very rich families.

I wore the most non-family friendly bikini. . . just did not give a fuck.



Resting under the umbrella.  I was trying to avoid weird tan lines but… too late.


We heard about a safari where you get to see animals in a park from your car.  This was us in the car.

Found a bandana on my head.  Trying to be a gangsta.




The zebras!!





Sea shells covered the sand. It was the most interesting collection of shells.  I was distracted by sand…




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