On a mission to find coconut drinks. We had no idea it would be a mile walk on the beach.


3 coconuts for $40.  We were forced to buy it- we came too far to turn around. I took pictures of the bills and our coconuts. Cheers to that coco.

6I1eHCP7cKiSsygWjlqkNjoUUFl4Z7Lov5nScrNln-k=.F4 (1)





We were happy though.  The thought of walking back sounded like torture. We asked the guy to deliver us via banana boat to our spot on the beach.  I had to ride on the little speed boat that pulls the banana boat because I was too afraid of my camera getting wet. 5JuJlESQViFGGIhVIzkRWdVo_VLdy8pOA7XIt8W-yCU=.F4




I slammed my head into the boat about 5 times. The boat was going too fast for me and I was trying to hold on to too many coconuts at the same damn time.

Now looking back I probably shouldnt have been on that little speed boat alone with this man.  I sat leaning back in my bikini…. drunk with my legs spread apart holding on to coconuts while trying to take pictures.  When I asked the driver to slow down he responds with, “You a model?” I responded with, “Oh hell no…. I need you to take me to shore.”

Getting ready to be a music video girl. Rap video about to go down.


When the boat was still I managed to take a selfie with my friend’s phone.



The little banana boat being pulled behind me.


Trying to get ready for a group picture sort of.


From the Gopro.  Hello frands!




Dancing around


Serious game of volley ball



Too much volley ball.  It looks like the game tired everyone out.





The boys.




Our only chair.


I forced my poor friend to take photos of me rolling around on the beach. I told him it would be like a Maxium photoshoot, but it totally was not.  I quickly ran into the water, ran back out, laid on the sand and said the “Maxium photo shoot” was over.




From the Gopro.  I’m the little spec in the middle.




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